A New Congress and Crypto War II






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We look forward to partnering with both new and returning members of Congress to protect our rights to an open internet and a free society.



Sascha Meinrath
Founder and Director, X-Lab

Founder, Open Technology Institute



Government shouldnt dictate good security practice[Decode DC, , 10/15/14]


A new Crypto War on the steps of Capitol Hill. The Hill, , 10/20/14]


Fast Internet lanes for the rich; slow ones for the rest of us. ; color:; font-family:times new roman"> Sponsored Data[PC World, , 07/19/14]


President sends strong signal to FCC's Tom Wheeler to protect net neutrality. ; color:; font-family:times new roman"> net neutrality; color:; font-family:times new roman"> statements; color:; font-family:times new roman"> Federal Communications Commission.7 million comments sent to the commission; color:; font-family:times new roman"> set of rules; color:; font-family:times new roman"> net neutrality [New York Times, , 10/10/14]



You can't build a backdoor that only the good guys can walk through; font-family:times new roman"> James Comey claimed; font-family:times new roman"> also invoked ; font-family:times new roman"> holds the title Of the 3,576 major offenses for which for communications interception in 2013, exactly one involved kidnapping.; font-family:times new roman"> foiled the police[Schneier on Security, , 10/06/14]


FCC's Hybrid Approach to Net Neutrality Makes No-one Happy.[Re/code, , 10/31/14] [TechDirt, , 10/29/14]




Welcome Megan Smith, the White House's new chief technology officer.NPR, 11/4/14]


Recommendations for improving transparency and accountability for the 114th Congress: CREW




Pia Mancini


James Losey


Ben Knight,


The welcomes Sascha as a member of their Advisory Committee.


Sascha speaks at the in Monterrey, Mexico on November 7th at 12pm.




Sascha will be speaking at on November 13-14 in Miami, Florida.


Sascha will be speaking at the in DC on November 19th.